4 Types of Lighting in Retail Stores

Nov / 09 / 2021

If you’re opening up a new retail store or revamping the style of your current one, the lighting you choose plays an important factor in its overall look and appeal. Highlighting new or specific products, and enhancing the visibility of your displays is why retail lighting is so effective.

Whether you opt for premium led track lighting fixtures, or another type of retail lighting, picking the right one for your space is crucial for its marketability. Drawing customers in and setting the mood will attract them towards your products. The ambiance and displays affect how your customers engage with your products, as well as your store.

retail-stoer-lightingWhat kind of lighting is used in stores? 

Strategic use of lighting is essential to emphasize the store experience. A well-lit store with an inviting atmosphere instantly makes customers feel at ease and ready to explore the products on offer. Ask any professional interior designer and they’ll tell you, proper lighting is the foundation of a quality shopping experience. There are four retail lighting types: ambient, accent, decorative, and task.

1. Ambient 

Ambient lighting is typically the store’s primary lighting. When your customers walk into the store, you need to make sure the atmosphere is welcoming. This doesn’t mean you need to dim the lights or make the store too bright. The size of the space, the height of the ceilings, and the amount of natural light will all dictate how dim or how bright your store should be.

2. Accent

Accent lighting is used to highlight a specific area to draw customers towards a particular product that you want to prioritize. Put the focus on your latest products or ones that are on sale by, quite literally, shining a light on them. Store owners typically use accent lighting in their window displays as a way to get the attention of potential customers passing by.

3. Decorative

It’s all about the visuals with decorative lighting. The focus is less on illumination and more on the visual design.  Its appeal is best appreciated during the holidays. The light fixtures, along with the holiday decorations, tend to leave a strong impression on consumers.

 4. Task

Task lighting is lights used in parts of the space that require more light. Areas like the changing room, where customers can adequately inspect the fit of the clothes, or the storage area, where retailers keep their goods, are typically parts of the store that require this type of lighting. Task lighting also highlights the store sign and entrance area so potential customers can easily recognize the retailer in question.


What’s the best lighting for clothing and displays? 

Your clothing display can benefit from strategically placed lighting. After all, you want to highlight the clothes you’ve chosen for your window or store display. In window displays, decorative lighting should emphasize the products. Make sure the lighting is in tune with your store design and brand image. Adding accent lighting also highlights specific displays, whether it’s a particular rack with clothing or a mannequin. Choosing LED track lighting that simulates natural light makes the colors and details of the garment easy to see. Reserve task lighting for non-display areas such as dressing rooms.

Where can I find quality LED track lighting fixtures near me?

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