Your Ultimate Guide to Retail LED Lighting

Nov / 09 / 2021

Long gone are the days when promo flyers, posters, and other forms of direct advertisement were enough to run a successful business. Today’s shopper is much more sophisticated and doesn’t easily react to such marketing techniques. As a result, the message of the retailer needs to be more subtle. In that sense, LED lighting is a powerful and refined means of drawing customers to a store and making them feel welcome.

Starting from the store’s window and entrance, LED lighting projects the store’s image, the quality of the products it’s offering, and should present a welcoming spectacle to the potential shopper. It’s precisely why more and more store owners are turning to LED lighting in the form of cutting-edge track lighting systems and similar types of interior lighting.

How-do-I-choose-a-retail-lightWhy is LED lighting better? 

LED lighting isn’t just a source of illumination that allows shoppers to see the products and move around the store, but in many aspects reflects the store’s identity. In-store lighting actually helps guide customers through the store and increases the average time spent per customer. Studies have shown that stores with LED lighting have an average sales higher by about 12%  than those that do not.

The new generation LED lighting doesn’t heat the rooms and products, and also uses less power than traditional bulbs. This, in turn, actually saves money to the retailer.

How do I choose a retail light?

Strategically placed lighting throughout the store is best for finding a balance that’s not too bright or too dim. Leading retail stores often use both techniques. Bright lighting around their visual merchandising displays and in-store products during the day, whereas dimmable LED lighting fittings are used throughout the rest of the store and during the evenings.

The best way to present your products is by natural light. Of course, this isn’t always possible. LED lighting is the closest thing to it, helping customers perceive the merchandise as it would look in genuine daylight.

Color rendering index (CRI) measures how a human eye perceives actual colors of an object on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the CRI, the better people can discern colors. This is why in a retail store, choosing the correct bulb is essential. Retail stores demand a high CRI because it provides the best recognition of colors and materials. Typically, the CRI in retail store lighting is CRI 80, but a color rendering index of 90 and above is advised.

Stores require four retail LED lighting configurations:

  • Ambient lighting: The primary track lighting system for your store that creates a comfortable environment for customers.
  • Task lighting: Spotlights areas like check-out, store signs, changing rooms, and is used to provide light for a specific task or purpose.
  • Accent lighting: Highlights specific products or key areas, indicating their importance and drawing the eye.
  • Decorative lighting: Adds a welcoming appeal and features that serve an aesthetic rather than a necessary purpose.

Even though proper LED lighting fixtures are essential in clothing and other similar stores, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, jewelry stores require ordinary overhead and cabinet LED cove lighting fixtures placed not to allow any shadow on their products. Food stores are another exception, as they need to be bright, with a high CRI. Fruits and vegetables, for example, need to not only be visible but be seen accurately and in great detail.


Why-is-LED-lighting-betterWhere can I find high-quality track lighting systems near me? 

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