How to Get the Most Out of LED Retail Lighting

Nov / 10 / 2021

While traditional marketing techniques are still an efficient way to boost sales in your retail store, more and more retailers are starting to realize the power that quality LED lighting can have on their business. Lighting should create a welcoming environment and draw the consumer in, making them feel relaxed and comfortable in the retail space. Whether it’s flexible track lighting or another type of monorail lighting to guide the consumer through the store, there are many ways to optimize your space, create an attractive shopping environment, and ultimately boost sales.

What to consider when looking at LED retail lighting?

Promoting products by strategically placing lighting to highlight them involves a technical aspect. For example, what kind of bulbs and fixtures will you use, the intensity, color-rendering index (CRI), and correlated color temperature (CCT).

Know the basics

Finding the perfect balance to achieve your goal comes down to balancing these details:

Efficacy: Get the most out of your investment by paying attention to the efficacy or the amount of light produced by the number of watts.

CRI: Choose lights that don’t distort colors. This is especially important in retail stores that sell food or clothing. Light fixtures with high CRIs are essential for this.

CCT: CCT indicates the tone and hue of white light that is emitted from a lighting fixture or bulb. It’s measured in Kelvins (K), and different temperatures on the Kelvin scale represent different colors.

Intensity: Lumens measure the level of brightness. By removing the last number of the lumens value and you get an approximate wattage. For example, if a LED light emits 400 lumens, it’s equivalent to a 40-watt bulb.

Create an atmosphere

Go for a color temperature that’s inviting and sets a mood for a relaxing shopping experience. This way, you’ll create space where consumers feel welcome and are likely to spend their time, as well as their money. Make sure you set the tone of your retail space with perfectly placed lighting fixtures.

However, always keep in mind that it all depends on the type of merchandise or products you’re selling. A pharmacy shouldn’t be lit the same way as a clothing store.

Put the spotlight on your products

Use your carefully placed lighting to your advantage by highlighting your latest arrivals or products on sale. Drawing the consumer’s attention towards the product by guiding them through the store and placing the spotlight on your special products is a sure-shot way of achieving your goal.  Whether it’s decorative lighting or a creative way of arranging your lights, you’ll certainly catch the eye of a potential buyer.

Use different levels of lighting

Moderation is essential when using LED lighting in your space. The type of lighting depends on the area of the space. Certain parts need to be strategically lit, while others, such as backstock, storage, or offices, don’t need to be. Fitting rooms, for example, are usually lit differently than other areas of the retail store.

Your lighting goes as the store goes

If you’re making changes to the floor plan, renovating the entire space, or even just displaying a new line of products, your lighting should follow suit.  The store’s new design may not be compatible with the lighting, its intensity, or color temperature, so installing new fixtures or rearranging old ones should be one of your top priorities.


Where can I find high-quality flexible track lighting pendants in the vicinity?

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