4 Types of LED Lighting for Commercial Properties

Dec / 07 / 2021

What-are-the-different-types-of-commercial-LED-lightingAs new and innovative options emerge, the market for commercial LED lighting becomes flooded with a wide array of versatile selections. And with so much to choose from, It may be daunting picking the right type of lighting for your place of business. A restaurant, office, and factory don’t all use the same LED lights. So which one is right for your space?

LED lighting has brought a change in which business owners use lighting to their benefit. So before you opt for dimmable LED light fittings, read on to learn about the various types and to get a better sense of what works in your setting.

What are the different types of commercial LED lighting solutions?

If you’re looking to install some commercial LED downlights, it’s essential to choose the right option so that your business area is well-lit for your staff as well as your clients. Here are five common types of commercial LED lighting:

1. Recessed troffer light

A LED recessed troffer is a light that is installed in the ceiling’s opening. Unlike CFLs, for example, the recessed troffer’s housing is hidden from view and tucked away inside the ceiling. Due to its low heat emission, it’s one of the go-to commercial LED lighting fixtures for business settings.

2. Task lights

Easily installed, task lights enable workers to complete a specific task. They are suitable for use in working environments to highlight a specific area and allow for enhanced productivity. They provide a highly concentrated light that is adjustable to give focus to a precise area of the space.

3. LED track lighting fixtures

Track lighting is commonly used to mount adjustable commercial LED lighting fixtures. The track comes with electrical conductors that power the entire track and eliminate the need to wire individual fixtures directly. Track lighting can be positioned in a variety of ways and is mounted on ceilings and walls, typically in offices or galleries, because of its adjusting qualities.

4. Outdoor lighting

While LED lighting is predominantly used indoors, its use in outdoor spaces is quite common. Outdoor LEDs are used to illuminate and put focus on specific areas outside the property, typically for security reasons. The three main types of outdoor commercial LED lighting are LED outdoor flood, shoebox, and wall pack lights.

  • LED outdoor floodlights: LED outdoor flood lights are strategically placed to provide illumination on a wider area. Floodlights are typically used to highlight areas on the road, monuments, and other outdoor structures. Floodlights typically cover sports venues for nighttime sporting events.
  • LED shoebox lights: Shoebox lights are installed on a pole to illuminate the street, parking lot, or streetlights. The name derives from the lights commonly being the size of a shoe. They can be easily adjusted to change focus and light direction of the covered area. 
  • LED-wall pack lights: Wall-mounted lights or wall packs are installed on the outside of a commercial space to highlight its exterior, entrance, or parking area.

types-of-commercial-lightingWhere can I find flexible track lighting pendants near me?

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