How Lighting Impacts Productivity

Dec / 07 / 2021

productivity-and-lightingNo matter what your place of work looks like, the lighting in the space can have a significant impact on employees. The stress of everyday tasks and responsibilities wears down the body, as well as the mind. The light plays an important role in the way co-workers interact with each other, their approach to work duties, and the amount of stress they face on a daily basis.

Your commercial or office space may have track lighting systems or another type of lighting, such as integrated recessed slot lighting systems. As every space is different, it’s crucial to choose right lighting to benefit your workplace. Conversely, the wrong kind of lighting can take its toll on your team’s physical as well as mental health. In this article, discover how certain lighting can affect an employee’s performance and energy level.

How can lighting impact your productivity?

The light’s influence on daily life is often underestimated. We spend most of our day at work and in closed spaces. Lighting in areas we frequent the most can impact our mental and physical health, leading to chronic tiredness, sleep deprivation, and even depression.

Without even needing a scientific study, you probably already know that bright lighting can sometimes be too strong for a working environment. Likewise, staring at your computer screen all day can put a strain on your eyes.

Natural light

The type of light you are exposed to during the workday can significantly influence your mood and motivation. The more exposure to natural light, the better you feel. This translates to more energy, higher motivation, a better sleeping routine, and more.

Over the years, experts have experimented with designs and found innovative ways to maximize natural light in the workplace. However, it may be challenging to flood the entire space with natural light. Therefore, not all areas, and therefore employees, will benefit from it. And as the winter approaches and days get shorter, the effect of natural light diminishes.

Artificial lighting

Artificial commercial LED lighting systems, such as cove lighting, are a standard form of lighting in a workplace. With offices full of computer screens, it’s critical to balance out the brightness of the screens with a precise source of lighting in the form of commercial LED downlights. There are two types of artificial lighting, each providing a different effect on the employees:

  • Dimmable led light fittings aren’t always ideal in workplaces due to the strain they can cause to the eyes. Drowsiness and lack of productivity are common in offices with this kind of lighting.
  • High-intensity lighting is known to impact performance. Bright, halogen, or fluorescent lights may sometimes lead to headaches, and even cause migraines in employees.

Balance is key

It’s important to find a balance between artificial and natural lighting in the workplace to provide the most optimal setting for your workers. Choose your commercial LED lighting fixtures based on the needs of your space and your team.

Arrange desks and position the furniture to take advantage of both natural and artificial light. Take into account color temperature and the way it affects the workflow of the office. Warm lighting is best suited for places like the break room or lounge area, while cool lighting can positively affect mood and alertness.

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