5 Ways Lighting Affects Your Mood

Dec / 07 / 2021

How-lighting-affects-our-moodHave you ever wondered why you feel sleepy on a rainy autumn day and energetic and positive on a sunny day in June? People tend not to put too much thought into the effects lighting has on their mood, health, and state of mind.

However, the way we react to light goes beyond weather conditions and the amount of natural light we take in. The effects of lighting extend to our home, workplace, and any interior space we visit. Perfectly placed commercial LED cove lighting fixtures can have a significant impact on your productivity, creativity, and energy. Therefore, choosing the right led track lighting fixtures for your space is reflected as much as in its design as is in the way the lighting impacts your mood.

How does lighting affect our mood?

Lighting can influence people biologically as well as psychologically. Light is known to decrease the level of depression and increase energy and the overall sense of well-being. Modern living dictates that we spend much of our day indoors where natural fuses with artificial light.

Here are five different ways in which lighting can affect our mood, alertness, and behavior.

1. Lighting can heighten emotions

Strong and bright lights are known to heighten emotions, both positive and negative. For example, during gloomy weather, most people have a pessimistic view of the day. In contrast, a day without clouds and plenty of sunshine evokes a feeling of optimism and a generally positive attitude. In addition, various studies have confirmed that it impacts the way we rate the attractiveness of a person, taste of food, or beauty of an object.

2. Light can impact your appetite

There’s a reason why a fine dining restaurant typically has its lights dimmed. The atmosphere calls for a relaxed and slow-paced way of eating. A fast-food restaurant, on the other hand, is always brightly lit, loud, and fun. The bright lights bring on a sudden appetite and are one of the main reasons people eat unhealthy foods more often and quicker. Lighting doesn’t just influence what and how you eat your food but can even do so with the way you perceive its taste.

3. Lighting affects your mood

Exposure to light can have a staggering effect on your mood. Studies have shown that people who spend more time outside and are more exposed to light sleep better, exercise more, and overall have a healthier lifestyle. Your energy levels are impacted by the amount of light you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

4. Stress levels are reduced with light

Mental health is something that you should always take seriously. The type of lighting you’re surrounded with at the office or home can impact your mental state without you even recognizing it. People who suffer from vitamin D deficiency and are prone to depression need to take advantage of natural sunlight and brightly lit spaces. Of course, while it is certainly not a cure, it’s something that your circadian rhythm can benefit from.

5. Lack of light causes sleepiness

Most people try to break their drowsiness with distractions such as social media, music, or video games. However, your mood and energy levels may not significantly increase. Instead, boost your energy by allowing yourself more exposure to natural light. In a business setting, strategically positioned commercial office lighting fixtures provide a balance between natural light and indoor illumination.

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