• Seamlessly Trimless
  • Precast Plaster Insert
  • 4" Aperture / 4" Throat
  • 40° Cutoff
  • Round or Square Openings
Round Recessed Plaster Housing
Square Recessed Plaster Housing

VF300 RECESSED Features

A virtually undetectable transition between lighting and ceiling

The VF300 from LF Illumination is a break-through in recessed trimless lighting concepts. The aperture and throat of the fixture are fabricated from plaster, and therefore, fully paintable. The ceiling drywall is cutout larger than the final finished opening so that the mudding compound can be applied directly to the edge of the aperture. Final paint can be applied inside the throat of the fixture for true seamlessness in the installation that matches the ceiling.

LED or MR16

The VF300 includes a fixed Cree LMH2 High CRI LED Module with wide beam pattern. It is also available with an MR16 gimbal to accommodate both CMH and halogen lamps. The MR1`6 gimbal is adjustable up to 10° tilt. The deep 4" throat of the plaster insert provides a full 40° of visual cutoff.

Fully Paintable

The VF300 comes in both round or square apertures with a fully paintable surface - inside and out. You can match the final color of your ceiling.