• Precision Recessed Fixtures
  • 4" Round or Square Shapes
  • Adjustable, Fixed or Wall Wash
  • Smallest Available Recessed IC / Air-Tight Housing
Small Round Gimbal
Small Square Gimbal
VF100 Recessed
Flat Round
VF100 Recessed
Flat Square
VF100 Recessed
Beveled Round
VF100 Recessed
Beveled Square
VF100 Recessed
Round Wall Wash
VF100 Recessed
Square Wall Wash

VF100 Features

Smallest Available IC &
Air-Tight Housings

The VF100 Series offers two kinds of housings, a small housing and an even SMALLER housing for fitting into incredibly tight plenum spaces. Both housings are IC / Air-Tight rated and California Title 24 Compliant. Features include integral wiring compartment and power supplies, heavy duty steel contruction with powder coat finish, through-branch rating, adjustable for various ceiling thickness, and wood, concrete, stone, or millwork ceiling compatibility.

Trimless housing also available in a 2-light.

Adjustable Fixture with
Hot Aiming

Adjustable fixtures are offered in trim or trimless versions. The flat trims can adjust from 0° to 40° while the beveled may be adjusted from 0° to 45°. Both styles include HOT AIMING capability to enable the fixture to be aimed with an ordinary Phillips screwdriver while it is powered on.

Fixed Downlight Fixture

Our adjustable fixtures are also available as a fixed downlight version. This ensures a locked 0° position of the beam while maintaining a consistent look with adjustable fixtures that may be installed in the same application.

Fixed Wall Wash Fixture

The VF100 wall wash is fixed at 30° tilt for illuminating vertical surfaces. The wall wash includes a linear spread lens for even illumination. The beveled design of the trim complements the VF100 Beveled adjustable or fixed downlight trims.

Wide Selection of Finishes

Our trim and trimless fixtures are available in standard architectural finishes such as black, white, and silver. We also offer variations of nickel, brass, and bronze to complement or enhance any recessed lighting application. Consult the factory for custom finishes.