Suspended Round

  • Circular Ring Pendant
  • 16" - 60" Diameter
  • LED Source
  • Satin White Diffuser
  • Integral Power Supply
Suspended Round

Part of the GlowSTX Family

Suspended circular lighting

The GlowSTX Suspended Round (formerly RINGER) is a circular pendant that is available in multiple sizes and light outputs. It consists of a die-formed steel housing and a satin white acrylic diffuser with a combined height of only 2". The internal LED strip is circumferentially mounted and is available in multiple lumen packages depending on the size of the pendant. Included is a canopy with aircraft cable suspension and an integral LED driver.

Multiple Sizes Available

GlowSTX Suspended Round is available in 16", 24", 32", 48", and 60" diameter sizes. The lumen packages are as follows:
• 16” 19W / 1206lm
• 24” 28W / 1845lm
• 32” 32W / 2304lm
• 48” 47W / 2965lm
• 60” 60W / 3748lm

Standard and Custom Finishes

The pendants are available in a standard finish of silver. Custom finishes are also available, consult the LF factory for details.