MULTIFORMS MF350 // MF350 Small Multiples Trimless

Catalog No. MF350 MULTIFORMS MF350


Small Multiples Trimless

  • Multilamp recessed accent / downlight - Small size
  • One, Two, Three, or Four Light Configuration
  • All steel 18GA construction with powder coat finish
  • Trimless insert
  • Perforated metal mesh frame for mudding right to the aperture
  • Vent holes for cooler operating temperature
  • Trimless insert features deep sleeve to conceal inner components
  • Insert sleeve removable for maintenance


  • Field-replaceable integral LED module
  • Field-changeable optic
  • Bridgelux / CREE / ValuDIM™
  • Accepts up to 2 or more optical accessories
  • Double gimbal lamp holder with lockable tilt aiming
  • Trim mounted double gimbal standard with optional single gimbal flush yoke, regressed yoke or adjusting retractable yoke


  • Field-replaceable integral LED driver
  • Electrical wiring compartment integrated into housing construction
  • Thermal protection
  • Easy maintenance access through ceiling opening
  • Rated for through-branch wiring
  • Dimmable


  • Butterfly brackets for commercial installation in drywall and other mud in ceiling types
  • Heavy-Duty L-Bars™ hanger bar system ordered separately LF #LBARS4PK
  • Continuously variable plate adjusts for 1/2” through 1.0” ceilings


  • Suitable for damp location

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