• Remodel Housing
  • Lamp Assemblies Mounted to Trim Sleeve
  • Trim or Trimless
  • Double Gimbal Lamp Holders
  • 1-4 Light Configurations
MF300 Remodel
Small Trimmed
MF300 Remodel
Small Trimless
MF300 Remodel
Medium Trimmed
MF300 Remodel
Medium Trimless
MF300 Remodel
Large Trimmed
MF300 Remodel
Large Trimless

MF300 Remodel Features

Install after the ceiling

The MULTIFORMS MF300 remodels are essentially an MF300 fixture that may be installed after the ceiling. The remodel shares all of the aiming features of the MF300 new construction fixtures. The housing is inserted into the cut-out in the ceiling and retained by “swing-out” clips at each corner of the housing with a Phillips screwdriver. The lamp/trim assembly is then installed with torsion spring into the housing.

Remodel Housing

The MULTIFORMS remodel housing is all steel construction with powder coat finish in white, black, or custom finishes. The housing incorporates “swing-out” clips adjusted via Phillips screwdriver and accommodates multiple ceiling thicknesses. Power supplies are integral and the housing includes a wiring compartment that is rated for through branch wiring. Power supplies are field replaceable and are easily maintained through the ceiling opening. Housings are CSA listed for damp location installation. Vent holes in the housing provide cooler operation.

Trimmed or Trimless

All MF300 Remodel fixtures are offerred with the option of a trimmed opening with a 3/4" flange or with a trimless opening with the ability to apply ceiling compound right to the edge of the opening.

Trim flanges are available in standard architectural finishes like white, black, and silver.

Standard Configurations

MF300 Remodel is available in three different sized housings to accommodate a wide variety of halogen, metal halide, and LED sources. Standard configurations are 1, 2, 3, and 4 light linear models.