• Knife Aperture
  • Lamp Assemblies with Horizontal Travel
  • Trimless Installation
  • Double Gimbal Lamp Holders
  • 1-5 Light Configurations
Small Trimless

MF100 Features

Horizontal Travel

The lamp assemblies inside the MF100 housing can move independently along a horizontal track. This enables greater aiming cabability and makes the MF100 that much more versatile in display lighting applications.

Knife Aperture

The opening of the MF100 housing is tapered back at a sharp angle. This provides an exceptionally clean trimless installation. In addition to providing a clean ceiling opening, the angled walls are what enable the MF100's Horizontal Travel feature for extreme aiming.

Standard Configurations

MF100 housings accommodate a wide variety of halogen, metal halide, and LED sources. Standard configurations are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 light linear as well as a 4 light square model.