• Adjustable cylindrical fixture
  • 2.76” Diameter
  • LED source
  • LED optical grade reflector
  • Monopoint or Minipoint
Small Fixture


Surface Mounted Cylinderical Accent Fixture

The JULIE Surface Mounted fixture is an adjustable cylinder with an LED optical grade reflector and black baffle. The LED source included with the fixture is a CREE® 14 watt / 1200 lm package. JULIE is also compatible with LF's ValuDIM™ warm dimming LED package. LED driver is integral to the cylinder. JULIE may be adjusted from 0°-90° vertical tilt and 360º horizontal rotation

Three Mounting Options

LF has developed a new trimless mounting option we call Minipoint. With a Minipoint installation, the fixture's mounting hardware is almost undetectable. We also offer a Trimmed Minipoint mounting option as well as a traditional surface mount/j-box cover Monopoint.