• Adjustable cylindrical fixture
  • 4.58" Diameter
  • PAR30L LED Retrofit
  • Passive Thermal Management
  • Trim or Trimless Monopoint
Large Surface Mount

Emma SURFACE Features

Adjustable Cylindrical Fixture

Emma Surface utilizes a 120V PAR30L socket configuration to accommodate an LED retrofit lamp at 20W max. Adjustment from 0°-90° vertical tilt and 355º horizontal rotation is possible. Emma Surface is compatible with the SORAA® snap system (Lamp dependent).

Totally Cool

The Emma Surface fixture is passively cooled with through ventilation. Air is drawn from the deep 1" bezel opening and passed through to the top of the cylinder through a ventilated cap.

Three Mounting Options

LF has developed a new trimless mounting option we call Minipoint. With a Minipoint trimless installation, the fixture's mounting hardware is almost undetectable. We also offer a Trimmed Minipoint mounting option as well as a traditional surface mount/j-box cover Monopoint.

Architectural Finishes

The Emma trackhead is available standard white, black and silver architectural finishes.