• Cove Lighting System
  • Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Trimless Installation
  • Multiple Lamping Options
EF200 System
Cove Lighting System

EF200 Features

Much more than a simple
cove lighting system

The EF200 System is much more than just a recessed linear cove system. Starting with our extruded aluminum channel, with its knife-like trimless edge, the EF200 may be installed to build out a linear cove along the perimeter of a room, along the edge of a free-floating portion of a ceiling, or two channels may be installed facing each other in order to form a recessed slot in the ceiling.

Trimless Installation

The EF200 System channel offers a knife-like opening for an exceptionally clean trimless installation while providing added room to adjust the light units. This typical recessed slot configuration show opposing EF200 Single Channels installed to form a continuous slot with a narrow 6" opening. Perfect for retail display and accent lighting application.

Adjustable Accent Light Units

Our fully adjustable EF208 accent light head units offer four points of articulation for a multitude of aiming possibilities. The units are movable to any location along the channel length. The channel may also accommodate linear LED units for cove lighting. EF200 uses standard 2', 4', 6', 8', and 10' straight channel runs with 90° return modules to achieve any number of cove, perimeter, or recessed slot lighting applications.

EF208 - Fully Articulating Light Heads

Our EF208 heads are our most versatile units yet. With +/- adjustment at four different points, the adjustability ranges from deep recessed downlighting to pulled-down accent light. The heads are available in three LED packages ranging from 09W / 800lm to 55W / 3650lm. A full line of optical accessories are also available.

Yes, we can do curves.

LF Illumination is able to custom form the EF200 channel to a specified radius. This makes it possible to create stunning organic curved cove shapes or large ellipses. Please consult the LF Illumination factory for details on how to specify EF200 to meet the needs of your next project.