• Recessed Modular Lighting System
  • Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Trimless Installation
  • Multiple Lamping Options
EF100 System
Recessed Modular Channel

EF100 Features

A Complete Modular Lighting System

Offering the simplicity and versatility of track in a recessed architectural platform, the EF100 System is a trimless modular lighting system constructed entirely from extruded aluminum channel. The EF100 System combines various channel components and fully adjustable light head units which are movable to any location along the channel length.

Trimless Installation

The EF100 System channel offers a knife-like opening for an exceptionally clean trimless installation while providing added room to adjust the side or top mounted light units.

Top-Mounted or Side-Mounted Light Units

Light units may be top or side mounted within the channel. The top mount units include full tilt and rotation adjustment while the side mounted units include double gimbal lamp holders and articulating arms.

Mix Lighting with Other Ceiling Elements

Using standard 4' and 8' straight runs with 90° return modules and end caps, any number of configurations may be possible to accommodate any display / accent lighting application. Optional modules to accommodate various "non-lighting" ceiling elements such as fire sprinklers, surveillance equipment, and HVAC are also available.