LF ILLUMINATION Corporate Announcement

Once again filling the void in architectural lighting that made Jack Zukerman a leader in the retail industry, Zukerman today announced the formation of LF ILLUMINATION, LLC. LF ILLUMINATION is an architectural lighting manufacturer whose executive staff comprises seasoned veterans of the architectural lighting industry.

Zukerman commented on the void that LF ILLUMINATION fills: "I felt that the needs of lighting designers were falling by the wayside, especially with the advent of LED. We’ve created a company that produces new and exciting products with custom capabilities by a cutting edge engineering staff here in the United States."

Hot on the heels of LF ILLUMINATION's 'Something's Brewing' campaign, it was hinted that the architectural lighting industry would be rocked by news of 'what happens when some of the greatest minds in architectural lighting come together?'

Today, that has been answered.

The architectural lighting corporation that is LF ILLUMINATION, LLC boasts some formidable names: Jack Zukerman, CEO, Loren Kessel, President, Scott Hershman, Exec. VP of Design & Product Development, and Justin Weaver, VP Engineering makes for a uniquely accomplished team.

Armed with a vast knowledge and experience in national accounts, Loren Kessel, LF ILLUMINATION president remarked: "The industry is looking for an avenue to satisfy the requirements of retailers world-wide. LF ILLUMINATION, LLC has partnered with Forma Lighting (Milan, Hong Kong). Our product offering is architectural in nature, with an added European flair. LF ILLUMINATION is going back to the roots of great lighting where modification and customization is characteristic in product lines."

LF ILLUMINATION, LLC designs and manufactures architectural lighting for commercial, hospitality and high-end residential applications.